LJ Planer Fire Side Story

Fire Side Story June 2, 2023 LJ Planer Fire Side Story Overcoming physical limitations, LJ Planer experienced a transformative hunt, capturing his first elk and discovering newfound strength, both physically and mentally. The profound impact of this adventure extended beyond the hunt, leading LJ to spiritual healing. https://vimeo.com/809172557/7a2491c28e?share=copy Facebook Instagram

Dean Capuano Fire Side Story

Fire Side Story June 2, 2023 Dean Capuano Fire Side Story Dean Capuano shares his long-standing connection with Prophet Muskwa, appreciating their visible presence and trustworthiness in the hunting industry. His hope is for future generations, including his own children, to have the same incredible opportunities to explore and appreciate nature with Prophet Muskwa. https://vimeo.com/819616000/463742da8c?share=copy […]

Hank Tritz Fire Side Story

Fire Side Story June 2, 2023 Hank Tritz Fire Side Story Hank Tritz shares his story of shooting a stone sheep, elk, and mountain goat, all while cherishing the camaraderie of the Olmstead family and experiencing unforgettable moments in the wild. https://vimeo.com/823501873/6314afaaf1?share=copy Facebook Instagram

Brad Jannenga Fire Side Story

Fire Side Story June 1, 2023 Brad Jannenga Fire Side Story Brad Jannenga recounts his thrilling journey, capturing breathtaking pictures, navigating treacherous terrain, and feeling welcomed and valued by our team, making it a pleasure he’d gladly repeat a hundred times over. https://vimeo.com/828146788/f8a263cf4a?share=copy Facebook Instagram

John Thomas Fire Side Story

Fire Side Story April 12, 2023 John Thomas Fire Side Story Hear from John Thomas, a United States Military Veteran, about his time in the Prophet and Muskwa drainages and the life-changing experiences he had… https://vimeo.com/806973813/b63b98e59d Facebook Instagram

Mike Ingram Fire Side Story

fire side Story April 12, 2023 Mike Ingram Fire Side Story Guests become family… Mike Ingram has been a long-time guest of ours. Mike shares his stories and experiences with us from throughout the years! https://vimeo.com/811346108/ecf72d05c3 Facebook Instagram

Iowa F.N.A.W.S.

Hunter Story March 24, 2023 Iowa F.N.A.W.S. We are pleased to announce that we will participate in the upcoming Iowa F.N.A.W.S. auction. We have donated a Stone Sheep Conservation Tag that you can bid on, with all proceeds going to predator management and habitat restoration for Stone Sheep. The whole Olmsted family, along with the […]

Until Next Time

Hunter Story February 27, 2023 Until Next Time   The Safari Club International (SCI) was a huge success this year. From all the great items we saw on the floor to our chance to chat with many excellent guides and hunters. The floor was busy this year, with record-breaking attendance and some of the most […]

Sheep Show

Hunter Story January 12, 2023 SHEEP SHOW We had a blast on the first day of the 46th annual Sheep Show. Come by booth 1961 and see why we are always excited to be part of this amazing event. We value the opportunity to talk about hunting and conservation with other like-minded organizations and individuals. […]