Whether out hunting or relaxing in the Elisi Spa in British Columbia, you will be given the very best accommodations possible for each and every hunt.

British Columbia (Sleeping Chief)

British Columbia
(Sleeping Chief)

Prophet Muskwa at Sleeping Chief has several lodging options. The main Camp sits on 1/2 section of deeded land on the edge of the Rockies and is home to the Elisi Spa & Wilderness Resort. This remote, 10,000-square-foot, multi-activity lodge caters to the eco-tourist, adventure traveler, angler, and hunting client. Enjoy the breathtaking view and take in the hospitality of the Olmstead Family. The lodge includes all amenities found at a resort and enables you to enjoy the true wilderness at its finest. The main camp will spoil you and your non-hunting guests with great cooking, a full spa facility, and excellent hunting.

“Head Camp” is located in the head water region of the Prophet River. Here, our cook serves hearty meals in a comfortable kitchen. Wranglers are on hand to care for the horses. The log cabins are dry and warm. They accommodate hunters comfortably and are equipped with wood heating stoves, sleeping bags, and mattresses.

With 15 additional satellite camps fitted with cabins and a friendly and knowledgeable crew, you are assured that your hunt will be a great experience. Tent camps and backpack hunts are available if necessary to make your hunt and adventure more successful. With horses to make your days easier and your load lighter you truly can sit back and enjoy yourself.



Situated in Yukon hunting concessions 11 and 16, our outfitting areas cover over 8500 square miles of mountainous terrain. Lakes, streams, alpine meadows, and glaciers provide an ideal setting for hunting and photography. The heart of the area is secluded – accessible by floatplane and horseback only.